Surviving Touch Fatigue 

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Surviving Touch Fatigue 
Use the registration to let us know you are interested in this class! We will book another session after we have a few families wanting to hold one. Class will be $50.00 for full registration. 
Reconnecting to Your Sexual Self as a New Mom - Class
Have you noticed changes in your desire for sex since having your baby? Do you feel so touched out that the thought of engaging sexually with your partner (or yourself!) makes you cringe? Do you feel unsure of how to relate to your body after experiencing the body changes that come with pregnancy? You're not alone, and there are ways to feel more connected to your sexuality and your body.
Touch fatigue, low sexual desire, discomfort with sex, and negative body image are all common experiences associated with postpartum sexuality. In this workshop, relationship and sexuality therapist Taylor Pierce from The Center for Couples & Sex Therapy will guide you through the process of reconnecting to your sexuality and body as a new mom. 
You will explore negative beliefs and expectations that keep your mind and body stuck in off mode, different styles of sexual desire and how to engage your natural tendency to feel desire (even if that feels impossible right now!), and the importance of pleasure and intimacy in your self-care practice. Taylor will walk you through theories and practical techniques that she uses with her clients every day. She is passionate about helping new moms feel empowered in their sexuality and connected to their new bodies. She is excited to help you create a customized plan to get out of touch fatigue and into your sexual body! You deserve all of the joy, intimacy and pleasure your body has to offer. 

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