Potty Learning 101

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Potty Learning 101

Have you dreaded potty-training?
Do you know when you’ll start?
Did you know you can start as early as Day 1?

For younger babies, it’s easier than you think and most people find success doing it part-time. For toddlers and older, it's a great time to get started! And older means able to do more, thus faster completion and mastery on the part of the child.

Join our workshop and bring your baby! You will get how-to tips on Elimination Communication and Non-Coercive Potty Training. Come and ask questions!

We can provide potty training support for all scenarios - travel, daycare, nighttime, and even challenging situations. Some reasons to take this class are if you are ready for more toileting options and ideas, if you are ready to save time and money by not having to buy or wash as many diapers, or if you simply don't want to add to landfills. Also, you get to meet other caregivers in your community who are going through similar developmental stages with their children.

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