• GroVia Hybrid Diaper - Snap - Purrrrfect

GroVia Hybrid Diaper - Snap - Purrrrfect

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Unicorns, rainbows, kitty cats...what's not to like about the popular Purrrrfect print?! And now you can snag a Purrrrfect Snap Shell Combo. Each combo features an adorable Purrrrfect Snap Shell and a matching Zippered Wetbag!

Keep your cloth diapers and accessories secure with this durable Zippered Wetbag. A cloth diapering necessity, this versatile tote features a simple, yet effective design that tucks conveniently into your diaper bag when on the go. Perfect for travel, daycare or swimming! Learn more

The Hybrid diaper is just what it sounds like: a beautifully functional, modern diapering system that can be adapted to suit your needs. Taking the old-school concept of a waterproof diaper cover that’s reusable between washes and fasten around your baby just like a disposable. The hallmark of the Hybrid design is simple flexibility. The one size fits from 8 to 30 lbs and you choose the type of soaker allowing you to experience the full range of options.

When your baby’s diaper is wet, simply remove the soaker pad from the Shell and replace with a new one. Shells can be worn 2-3 times before laundering again, which positively impacts both your wallet and the environment!

Choose from the one-step Hook/Loop closure style—the most like a disposable diaper to remove or put on—and the Snap closure, which can be simpler to launder and, later, more toddler-proof.

Pair with GroVia  Soaker Pads—either Organic Cotton, Stay Dry, or No Prep—or our Grovia’s eco-friendly disposable BioSoaker. All four options are designed with elasticized leg gussets to contain messes. BioSoakers adhere to the Shell with sticky tabs, and Soaker Pads snap in.