• GroVia BioSoaker
  • GroVia BioSoaker

GroVia BioSoaker


Bio Soakers can be used in place of your cloth diapering insert for diapering on the go. Exceptional comfort and fit.   They are a great option for when running errands, visiting grandparents, and daycare. And if your partner or babysitter is intimidated by cloth diapering this can give them time to get the hang of cloth diapering.

  • Use - Lay or secured in place using integrated sticky-tab before fastening cover on baby. Remove soiled soaker pad and replace with a fresh one as needed. Great option for potty training, just simply use the sticky tabs to adhere to cotton underwear.
  • Care - Made from renewable and compostable materials. Do not flush.
  • Materials - 3 Layers, fragrance & dye free, plastic & chlorine free, G.E. Free
    Lining: Certified natural, 100% Ingeo spun bound non-woven fabric. Compostable to EN13432 (EU) standard and ASTM D 6400 (USA).
    Core: Sustainably harvested wood pulp fibers, containing a minimal amount of SAP gel.
    Waterproof Outer: Bio-film (fecula) is waterproof and 100% natural. Compostable to EN 13432 (EU) standard." "55% Bamboo, 45% Organic Cotton"

Quantity: 50 per pack