Education During Pregnancy

Gathering information before your baby arrives is a great way to prepare for your new adventure! Classes on this page include Childbirth Education, Newborn Care, Breastfeeding, Newborn Expectations, and Postpartum Planning.

Taking these classes is a great way to build confidence before your baby arrives. 

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Childbirth Education:

HypnoBirthing Childbirth Education with Portland HypnoBirthing Center

Portland Hypnobirthing Center Website

This class covers the basics of childbirth and dives deep into relaxation for labor. Not only do you learn a skill for the day of your baby's birth, you come away with something you can use for a life time! 

Link to registration on Portland HypnoBirthing Center's site 



    Birthing From Within - Christine D'Esposito ~ Offering Weekend Immersions and 5 week series classes

    Preview of Birthing From Within website

    Birthing From Within classes offer a holistic and mindful approach to childbirth preparation.  In this class, we will use a variety of hands on and engaging processes to explore how labor works, what labor looks like, comfort measures and positions, pain coping practices and the emotional and instinctual aspects of the birthing process as well as evidence based information to help you make decisions with awareness.  Christine is a certified BFW mentor and birth and postpartum doula who has served hundreds of families over the past 15 years. 


    Eventbrite - Birthing From Within Jan 9th - Feb 6th


    Postpartum Planning and Infant Care

    Becoming Us - Barbara Buckner Suárez

    How do couples become a family? How you experience the changes in your life might not be the same for your partner. How do you talk about what is most important to you? This class is it.  

    Website of Barb Buckner Suarez and Becoming Us

     Link to registration on the BB Suarez website


     Breastfeeding Basics with Key Lactation

    What is the deal with nursing a baby? How can it be so natural for some, but so difficult for others at the same time? To get answers to these questions (and more) come to the Breastfeeding Basics class taught by Krystal Key, IBCLC of Key Lactation.

    Website of Key Lactation

    Eventbrite - Breastfeeding Basics Class with Key Lactation


      Creating Your Postpartum Plan with ItsaBelly

      Someone comes over to see the new baby and asks if there is anything they can do to help ... you draw a blank! Don't let this happen to you. This class is designed to pull all of your tools together, plan for who is cooking dinner, and how to get a shower once baby is home. Make a plan and move smoothly into being parents. 

      Eventbrite - ItsaPlan! Creating Your After Baby Tool Kit


      Newborn Care with Key Lactation 

      Having a new baby is exciting, exhausting, challenging, and rewarding all bundled into one adorable package! In our Newborn Care class we touch on key elements of life with a newborn including: diapering, swaddling, soothing, sleep, bathing, and basic baby wearing so you can also have hands free to take care of yourself!

      Website of Key Lactation

      Eventbrite - Newborn Care Class with Key Lactation


      Support Groups

      Pregnancy and New moms support group - NE PDX(free) - Every Tuesday 11-12:30

      Pregnancy to 3 months Gathering This group is your launching ground. It is your safety net. It is where you go to see what is next and to gather support in the first three months of your baby's arrival. We know it is a whirl wind of change and emotion. Come and let us support you in your new journey.

      Facilitated by Krystal Key (lactation consultant) of Key Lactation and Erica Matteson Birth and Postpartum doula of Milagros Boutique & ItsaBelly 

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