Education After Baby Arrives

CONGRATULATIONS on having a baby! You might be in the thick of it or someone who likes to prepare for what's right around the corner. This grouping of classes and groups are about care of baby. The classes range from sleep cycles of the newborn, CPR, and early communication. The groups listed on this page are your connection resources at Milagros. 

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Baby Rhythms (Sleep & Care) 

Slumbertime Solutions - Baby Sleep Basics

Slumbertime Solutions website

Pregnancy - 4 Months

In this class, new and expecting parents will learn how sleep develops in children and what to expect during the first 6 months with their baby. Participants will receive practical information and helpful tips that will enable them to lay a healthy sleep foundation for their baby and encourage better sleep in these early months! Also included with the class fee is a 30 minutes phone call following the birth of your baby (value $35)

Participants will learn:

  • Basics of sleep science
  • How sleep develops during the first 6 months
  • Current safe sleep practices
  • Tips for better sleep in the early months
  • Coping strategies


Eventbrite - Baby Sleep Basics


Slumbertime Solutions - Healthy Sleep for Children

Slumbertime Solutions Website

     4 months - 6 years

    In this gentle class, participants will learn to better understand children’s nighttime and daytime sleep behaviors, and how to help develop healthy sleep habits for their children. This class is for parents of children between 4 months – 6 years old.

    Participants will learn:

    • Basics of sleep science
    • Realistic and development-related sleep expectations
    • Better understand the sleep-related behaviors
    • Gentle ways to help develop healthy sleep habits
    • Practical tips and tricks


    Eventbrite - Healthy Sleep for Children


    Breastfeeding, Weaning, and Food Introduction

    Breastfeeding Beyond Basics

    Preview of Key Lactation website

    Have you wondered what nursing will be like once your child can ask for it? What does standing while nursing look like? How do you introduce first foods? How does stopping look? These questions and more will be covered in this class. 


    Eventbrite - Breastfeeding Beyond Basics Class with Key Lactation


    Movement Classes

    Ready Set Grow - Baby and Me Yoga

    And Ready Set Grow Website

    This class provides a comfortable, supportive environment for new moms and their little babes (about 6 weeks up to crawling) to spend some time together bonding while mom starts to regain strength and tone muscle, relieve stress and tension from the most common “mom trouble spots”, the neck, shoulders and upper back, and work on stabilizing the abdominal wall, lower back, and pelvis after pregnancy and childbirth.

    You and your baby will play while you practice yoga, sing songs, explore movement, practice infant massage and connect with other moms and babies. Feeding, diaper changing, crying babies, sleeping babies, playful babies are all welcome during class.

    Bring a baby blanket, some toys, and whatever else will make you feel comfortable as you meet other moms and create special memories with your new baby."

    Link to register on ready Set GROW's website

      Kindred Mother Care - TummyTime!™ and TubbyBubby Baby Massage class

      Kindred Mother Care Website Preview

      There is a way to do tummytime without distressing your baby.

      • Tummy time helps reduce reflux and makes your baby spit up less.
      • Reduces colic.
      • Helps digestion. Gets the trapped gas out and reduces pain and discomfort.
      • Helps prevent flathead in babies.
      • Helps strengthen back and neck muscles, improves the head and neck control and promotes a healthy core.
      • Promotes a healthy nervous system through play in tummytime.

      Don’t miss out on these benefits. Learn the correct way to do tummytime and help your baby meet many developmental milestones like rolling over, crawling, sitting up and eventually walking.

      We use your baby’s most highly developed sense, the sense of touch, as a powerful way to interact with your baby.

      An opportunity for new parents, to learn how baby massage can help with feeding, digestion and sleep for their baby. You learn soothing techniques, gas and colic relief massage, and interaction with other new parents. You will also have plenty of time for Q & A at the end of the class.

      4-week class series as unique as your baby. Grandparents are also welcome to the class.

      Link to Register on Kindred Mother Care Website


      Early Language Skills

      Tiny Talkers - Baby Sign Language 101  

      Tiny Talker Website Preview

      Teaching your baby sign language can give you better pre-verbal communication, leading to a happier, more fulfilling experience. This workshop is geared towards busy parents, caregivers & educators who don’t have a lot of time to spare. Learning to sign with a baby should be simple & caregivers can learn all they need to know in this one-time session & then take all of the information home to begin working repetitively with their child.

      Register through the Tiny Talkers Website


      Safety Concern

      I Speak Woof!! - Expecting Families & Families w/ Toddlers

      Preview of Helping Paws Northwest website







      How do you introduce Fido to the new baby? What happens when baby is on the move? This class is all about keeping everyone safe as the two loves of your life learn to cohabitate together.  

      Click here for registration


      "I Speak Woof!!" Children age 3-10 years old

      Preview of Helping Paws Northwest website







      Dog give us so many clues to what they are thinking! This class helps you and your child learn their language and can help keep everyone safe. 

      Click here for registration 


      Support Groups 

      Pregnancy and New moms support group - NE PDX(free) - Every Thursday 11-12:30

      Pregnancy to 3 months Gathering This group is your launching ground. It is your safety net. It is where you go to see what is next and to gather support in the first three months of your baby's arrival. We know it is a whirl wind of change and emotion. Come and let us support you in your new journey.

      Facilitated by Krystal Key (lactation consultant) of Key Lactation and Erica Matteson Birth and Postpartum doula of ItsaBelly and Milagros Boutique


      Portland Multiples Support Group - Every Wednesday 10:30-12:00

      Wait ... what? More than one baby at a time? How are you going to do it all? At Milagros we understand that twins, triplets, or more come with their unique needs so we have connected with ItsaBelly, Portland's longest running doula group that specializes in multiples.  This group is geared toward families in their first year of parenting twins, triplets or more.

      Facilitated by Deana Andersen-Tennant, multiples specialist and mom to two sets of twins. Questions about the class? Contact Deana at  or (503) 493-7390 ext3


      All Babies Group - Newborn to 12 months - Every Thursday 1:30-3:00 

      Come and connect during the first year of your baby's life. Families hold so much wisdom as they move through this first year. This group is designed to build your confidence in what you know and how you can help the families before and after you. Come with your questions too! The facilitators are there to help gather and hold space for all of you to connect.

      The group is run by Kimmi Burk of Milagros Boutique