Customer of the Month

We love to celebrate the families that come to Milagros for products and services. To expand our Milk Money Program we have come up with this way to do even more to care for our customers.

As the month passes our team will be learning about each of you and your families. We will take time to make sure your questions are answered and that you find the items you're looking for. On the last day of the month our team will pull a winner from everyone who has come in. 

What do you win? Each month it will be different! Some months it will be a gift certificate, while others, it will be product. If you are not already in our VIP group an invitation will be sent to you to join. 

Why would we do this? Because your support means that we get to stay and do more of what we love! I can't think of a better way to share some love back. 

You might ask if there is a catch ... well, you need to be in the Milk Money Program, check this page to see if it's you, and then come in before the end of the month to use your gift!


And now the ANNOUNCEMENT!  

Sammi E of Wilsonville.  You are our customer of the month!! Check your Facebook account for our VIP group and make sure to come in to pickup one of these gifts. We look forward to seeing you soon :D