About us

Why Milagros?
Milagros means miracles and while we don’t offer up actual miracles, it is the heartbeat of our business to be a trusted resource, for little miracles and their mamas, of products, education, and services. As a storefront it was not uncommon for families to come looking for products and find themselves stopping to chat, ending up with the support they need as new parents learning how to provide for their little miracles. We had one dad, while sitting in the middle of our boutique floor with his new baby, ask “if they could stay and order a pizza.” It is moments like this that show you there is something special here. When mothers come back to ask questions and to share what is going on as a new mother, it is clear they have found a safe place in us. At the start of 2020 we will be leaving brick and mortar behind and moving forward with Milagros Mobile.

We do retail the “Doula Way”
Doula owned and operated, Milagros staff offers customer service to meet your individual needs. In that spirit, our doula hearts saw a need in our community and we are hoping to meet it in the doula way, with Milagros Mobile. We understand how important accessibility and convenience is, which is why we're saying goodbye to our four walls and coming to yours!

With Milagros Mobile you can expect:

  • Passion to support new families
  • Product knowledge and education
  • In-home education
  • Products that we feel parents really need
  • Pop up support groups around the Portland area
  • Professional, yet relaxed and nurturing personalities
  • Non-judgmental, personalized care – we look to meet your needs as YOU define them
  • Listening ear and compassionate hearts – ask us your questions, share your struggles – we’re here for you!

The main focus of our product and education will be cloth diapers, carriers, wellness, and lactation supplies. We will continue to carry these products in our online store, as well as offer information about it all. 


What is the Daily Pod? 
The Daily Pod is our daily group for families to find support, adult interaction, and finding the other peas int he same pod of parenthood as yourself! With Milagros Mobile we will be hosting our Daily Pod from 11am-1pm in different locations around the Portland Metro area so that we can bring support to all sides of our lovely city!

Daily Pods are peer-led with lactation consultants and doulas on hand, ready to answer questions that may come up. You will find on our calendar that some of our pods are facilitated by a specific group or provider. Our desire is to have topics and providers that support the people who attend each gathering. If you are one of the many families who participate in our Daily Pods and would like to know more about a specific topic please let us know! 
We will have an updated schedule and location list in the near future, but until January 1st, 2020 you can still enjoy the Daily Pod at 5429 NE 30th Ave.


Have you worked with us? 
If you already know us, consider giving us a shout out while you in your community or on social media. It is the best way for other families to find support and receive the care we want to provide the community. 

Want to get to know us even better? Meet our team!