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Virtual: Postpartum Cafe ~ Daily Pod Tuesday

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Virtual: Postpartum Cafe ~ Daily Pod Tuesday
Dazed and confused is how I am feeling these days and in times like these I believe we MUST stay connected. 
We know intuitively and scientifically how important it is to our health, wellbeing and nervous systems to be together, share experiences, and see faces. If we can’t do it in person right now, we can do it virtually. 

3/17/2020: So we are taking Postpartum Cafe online this week and see how it goes. Our guest, Krista Barlow will be speaking with us about nutrition, and what better time for that!! http://www.kristabarlow.com/about

So please join us for a free online gathering, to learn, get nourished and stay connected. 
Tuesday March 17th from 10:30 - 12:00 Link for our Zoom meeting - https://zoom.us/j/721671696

Sending love, joy and wellbeing to you all.
Michelle and the Postpartum Cafe Team