Twin Nursing Pillow Lavendar

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Twin Nursing Pillow Lavendar

Created by a mom who knows what it means to try and nurse 2 babies at the same time, the Double Blessings Twins Nursing Pillow with privacy cover is an absolute must have for all twin families. Made from patented Eco*Loft Fiber this pillow contains no phthalates, fire retardants, is hypo-allergenic and recyclable. Pair that with a plushy soft cotton and polyester cover and you have the makings for an amazing landing space for any nursing baby.

The Double Blessings nursing pillow sports an angled surface to help face baby toward the breast. The 52"  waist strap fits everyone and helps to keep the pillow firmly in place. The back support and removable privacy cover allow you to be comfortable any where you chooses to sit and nurse. The dual pockets keep all of your most important necessities close at hand.

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