What about Cloth Diapering? ~ On Location Appointment

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What about Cloth Diapering? ~ On Location Appointment

Book an appointment with the Milagros Mobile Educators to touch and feel all the different styles of cloth diapers offered. Navigating online information can make it feel so overwhelming! This session covers different styles of diapers, how each one fits into busy lifestyles, storage, and wash routines. 

Cloth diapering has come a long way and is more convenient than ever as well as the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly diapering option available. You can always find a great variety of cloth diapering products at Milagros Boutique! 

Have some diapers already on hand and want to know how to use them? Bring them with you! 

Through November this offering is held at Milagros Boutique. After that, we will be booking appointments at local baby shops!  


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