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Erica Matteson

Going mobile means that I'm no longer inside the store to tell you why I carry one thing over the other. Why I would never carry a Doc a Tot and why would absolutely carry Pip and Grow

This means I need to start a conversation here, so it is accessible all the time. This blog is the place to gain insight into my product reviews and suggestions. I will be using affiliate links throughout this blog post to support my time in writing. But please know that I will NEVER add a link I can not 100% stand behind in product performance and safety. As a birth and postpartum doula with ItsaBelly I could not have it any other way! 

To try it out and start off my first affiliate account is Woombie

Hip Healthy Product!


Gone are the days of blankets that can come loose while baby is sleeping. This zipper swaddle takes all of the guesswork out and keeps your baby snuggled up. I am eager to get this post up and plan to come back to write more about the ins and outs of swaddling. But for now, I need to get ready to support a postpartum family. Be well and if you are in Portland, OR follow the hashtags #dailypod and #milagrosmobile to find your in-person connections.   

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