Changes Are Coming!

Milagros Staff

The only constant in life, diapers and retail is change.

With change comes opportunity, and we are seizing that opportunity now!

Milagros has been surfing the changing tides in Portland for the last 15 years and we are ready to keep riding the waves in new and exciting ways with you.

The one thing that has been our anchor through the years is our desire to serve the community.  We are becoming increasingly aware of how “community” has changed since we opened our doors and are listening to what you - the families we aim to support - want:

  • easy access to information
  • online education
  • affordability
  • referrals from people you trust
  • confidence in the products you are purchasing
  • and still, even in this age of technology, the personal touch of someone by your side to help you find the right fit for your family. 

What does this mean for you, our beloved community?

We’re taking Milagros on the road! We plan to be more accessible and widespread with our services, education, and product, by leaving our 4 walls and coming to yours! Stay tuned in the coming weeks as we reveal more about what this will look like for the relationship between Milagros and you.

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