Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Deals and Finds (SET ONE)

Erica Matteson

Not being in the storefront this year allows me to build a post about all of the Holiday Shopping Deals our vendors are offering this year. Keep a lookout on our blog as some can't be announced until their specific dates. I will be posting as the deals roll out. 


My first pick is Little Days personalized blankets. Little Days Personalized Blankets

I celebrated our seasonal family gathering yesterday and it couldn't have gone better. We spent time cooking together without any lead in the kitchen. We all cut, chopped, browned, and stirred as needed. Talk of future babies came up a few times ... like I said it couldn't have gone better. As I lay my head down for my long winter's nap I am dreaming of the #maybegrandbaby or maybe the #maybegrandbabies. Personalized gifts are on my list and these blankets will be perfect. Use the code HAPPY20 for 20% off the full site. This deal is active NOW.

Nothing slows down Christmas morning like a wet bed. 

Black Friday Sale: 45% Off Select Peejama Style!



I was a child who wasn't constantly dry at night until eight years of age. I remember the last time I wet the bed. I wanted to hide it I was so mortified. I also remember having NO control over when it happened. These Peejamas allow kids to be kids and not have to worry if they can't wake up. 45% off on these striped Peejamas runs from Nov 23rd until Dec 3rd but I also saw other deals on their site. 

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