VIM&VIGR Compression Socks Moisture Wick Nylon Black


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Tired, achy, swollen legs from standing all day got you down? Sitting all day is impossible and doesn’t help much either. Try some soft, comfortable, fashionable compression socks. Designed to fit with any wardrobe, made from durable nylon, and created with graduated compression, your legs will feel great at the end of even the longest days. Graduated compression helps to move fluid from the bottom of your feet back up towards your trunk, helping to reduce swelling, increase blood flow and reduce unsightly varicose veins. Vim&Vigr are made with high-quality fabrics and 400-needle count for flexibility and comfort. Their socks offer mild-moderate compression (15-20 mmHg) – appropriate for all day, everyday wear. The moisture-wicking fabric helps draw sweat and moisture off of the skin and onto the top of the sock fabric to help evaporate the moisture.


Some of the many benefits of compression socks are:

  • Energize legs
  • Prevent swelling
  • Alleviate achiness and heaviness
  • Prevent and reduce spider and varicose veins
  • Aid in muscle recovery

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