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Category: Milagros News

The Newborn Feeding Experience

Posted March 22nd, 2014 in child safety, food, health, Milagros News, Parenting, Products | Comments Off

41wOJL8rohLPeople often look at feeding a baby as a simple way of life. You either nurse your baby or give him a bottle. I think we often forget that life is full of trials and tribulations, and feeding our newborns can be discouraging, exhausting, and frustrating.

There are so many mammas out there that struggle in various ways, and should never have to feel alone or out of options. Our staff at Santé Mama and Milagros wants every mom to feel that she can control and own her newborn feeding experience. Whether baby is born with cleft lip palette, or mamma is having trouble lactating, or baby is uninterested in nursing, or needs supplementation from a bottle and/or formula, there are options and we are here to share them with you.

 Santé Mama carries a variety of special needs feeders for your family’s individual needs.  One of my favorites is the Lact-Aid. The Lact-Aid nursing trainer can be used for many different feeding situations and accomplishes more tasks than just feeding. The Lact-Aid assures that your little gem is receiving adequate nutrition while maintaining and establishing the beautiful bond of breastfeeding. The system allows baby to stimulate mama’s breasts, often causing mom’s milk to increase, and supplements to decrease.  It trains as well as stimulates baby’s suckling reflexes for improved coordination and skill, and avoids tuckering out your little one during the feeding.

In addition to the Lact-Aid, we carry the Medela special needs feeder, soft feeder, supplemental nursing system (SNS), and starter SNS. Not every baby can breastfeed or take milk from a standard bottle. If you and your baby are struggling and need help, please call us, shower us with your questions, stop by and look at our feeders in person;  let us educate you and guide you.

 We also welcome questions and concerns from daddies.  I’ve noticed that we often overlook dad’s importance in the newborn feeding process as well. I suppose I am guilty of it by not mentioning them in the beginning of this post (I apologize dad’s)! Not only is spousal support fantastic in every aspect, but dads are an integral part of baby’s first feedings. I know when my fiancé and I first had our little girl; he was weary about everything and was nervous about getting involved. This is completely normal and can be overcome! I encourage dads to take part in baby’s feedings in any way that you can. This is a time for you to bond with your little one as well and can help ease the frustration of often tedious feedings. We learn and grow from each other and from our experiences.  Feel free to share your feeding stories with us whether they are blissful or disheartening or both!

OrganicKidz Stainless Steel Bottles: Baby Bottle Brilliance

Posted March 17th, 2014 in child safety, food, health, Milagros News, Products | Comments Off

NN-7oz-moby-lidWe use plastic in our everyday lives without even thinking twice about it. Plastic is everywhere and most things we touch contain it. We are introduced to it at infancy when we take our first bottle, but how much do we really know about plastic? Because it’s so common, we don’t think twice about it being harmful.

A couple weeks ago, Sante Mama brought in OrganicKidz stainless steel bottles. I thought they were pretty neat, kind of retro looking. I wanted to buy one for my daughter, but knew I was buying for looks so I kept telling myself no, that it would be a waste of money. Finally, resisting this ridiculous temptation was becoming impossible, so I decided I’d try to discover another reason to purchase the product. I did some research, and it only took 5 words off OrganicKidz’s website to hook line and sink me.  Safe, healthy, durable, versatile, and green; I was sold.  Every baby product should be described this way, but they aren’t.  I furthered my investigation by reading the reasons why these bottles were safe, healthy, durable, versatile and green.  Not only did I get an amazing thorough description of the stainless steel bottles, I was given a mini science lesson.


I won’t bore you with all of the scientific mojo, but plastic can contain BPA, which has been linked to cancer, fertility issues, attention difficulties, and cardiac problems, it can contain PVC, which is considered a pollutant that can leak lead and phthalates.  Phthalates have been linked to asthma, Attention Deficit Disorder, and can interfere with hormone production.  This is why stainless steel bottles make so much sense. They are free of all these chemicals. OrganicKidz stainless steel bottles don’t mask the temperature of the liquid they contain the way plastic and glass do. What you feel is what you get. Stainless steel also has a natural resistance to bacteria, which is a must in baby world. With little immune systems, the fewer bacteria our children are exposed to, the more healthy and happy they will be.

NN-9oz-birdyMediumMost of us are unaware of how both glass and plastic harbor bacteria that lives through washings.  Not only is stainless steel safe and healthy, but completely green.  Because stainless steel is 100% recyclable and reusable, the bottles can grow with your child from infancy to toddlerhood and beyond.  OrganicKidz has even taken the extra step to ensure that their bottles are versatile. In addition to different stages of nipples, they offer sippy tops; allowing the conversion from bottle to sippy cup in an instant.  When baby becomes incredible hulk strong (which they all do for some reason, I think at times my 2 year old is way stronger than I am!) and utterly indestructible, these bottles will survive all sorts of beatings and tantrums. They are virtually indestructible. If I haven’t convinced you yet, I encourage taking a look at OrganicKidz website and conducting your own research. Santé Mama only carries quality products because you and your little ones are important to us. Stop by and ask questions, take a peek at our awesome selection of OrganciKidz stainless steel bottles and let us know what you think! You can also buy them online now!

Happy New Year from Milagros!

Posted January 1st, 2014 in Milagros News | Comments Off

Thank you for celebrating our decade of serving families! It was touching to have so many people tell us how important Milagros is to them. It makes us smile to know that having Milagros in the community is something that is valued by you.

Like any locally owned business, we would not be here without your support: the support you provide us by shopping at Milagros and by spreading the word about what you love about our little shop. Thank you for shopping with us and for talking about us!

We are ringing in the New Year with some exciting news! Milagros is now part of the Santé Mama family! 

Santé Mama is a locally owned maternity & baby boutique that serves families in SW Washington. Two local doulas – Erica & Rhonda – launched Santé Mama. Now Erica & Rhonda will also be operating Milagros!

We are thrilled that Milagros is passing into caring hands. You’ll keep enjoying the great products and customer service that has defined Milagros over the years – including cloth diapers & baby carriers – but expect to see even more valuable products and services coming to Milagros. Such as a wonderful expansion of the breastfeeding support products & lactation support services offered at Milagros!

Please take a moment and “like” Santé Mama on Facebook and check out their website. One of the great things about these two local stores connecting is that you can now redeem Milagros gift certificates and coupons at both Milagros AND Santé Mama! (And vice versa, natch!)

What about the Fuentes Family? We are heading for the hills, literally. We are moving to the foothills of Mt. Adams to enjoy country life for a while… maybe longer.

Thanks for all the memories and for your support of Milagros! We are working on inventory right now but Milagros will be open and ready serve you on Friday, January 2nd. Please come by and say “hi” to some familiar faces – Deb, Kate & Amy will still be serving you at Milagros – and meet Erica & Rhonda.

Cloth Diapering Tips & Tricks from the Milagros Experts

Posted December 27th, 2013 in Milagros News | Comments Off

cloth diapering 101 at Milagros in Portland OregonCloth Diapering 101 Class at Milagros, Saturday, December 28th at 10 am

Is switching to cloth diapers on your resolution list? How about living more earth friendly? Saving Money?

Well… any of those resolutions can be met by making the move to natural cloth diapering! Learn all about how easy cloth is at our introduction to cloth diapering this Saturday. This casual gathering is a great opportunity to learn all about cloth diapering and get hands-on advice.

We have tons of cloth diapering products at our Portland store including Imse Vimse, Kissaluvs, Bummis,  Happy Heinys, and Thristies!

Big Savings on Baby Carriers, Saturday Only!

Posted December 20th, 2013 in Milagros News | Comments Off

Saturday is Day 8 of our 10 Days of Savings!

Shop with the babywearing experts Milagros gives you hands-on advice for the right carrier for you, and now, save on these great brands like Ergo, Tula, Maya Wrap, Moby Wrap, Gypsy Mama, and more!

20% Off Every Baby Carrier at Milagros!

This is a great time to get a good price! This sale is Saturday, December 21st only!

Sale prices are limited to stock on-hand – no special orders. Sale prices cannot be combined with other discounts or offers.

20 Percent Off All Bobux Shoes, Today Only!

Posted December 19th, 2013 in Milagros News | Comments Off

We are celebrating 10 years of serving you with 10 days of savings at Milagros! Everything in the store is 10 percent off & we are feature super ONE DAY deals every day of this special celebration. The deal of the day Thursday, December 19:

20 percent off all Bobux Soft Soled Shoes and Sandals in stock!

Why not stock up on a larger sizes and summer time shoes right now?

What’s up next during our 10 days of saving celebration?

Great Gifts for the Little Music Lover On Sale Today!

Posted December 18th, 2013 in Milagros News | Comments Off

It’s Day 5 of our 10 Days of Savings!

Seeking a gift for the little music lover in your life? Every CD in stock is 20 percent off today! Including:

African Playground: African Playground is filled with great songs by artists from Senegal to South Africa, including a previously unreleased track by world music superstar Angelique Kidjo. Children and their families will love the upbeat rhythms and appealing melodies on this musical tour.

Animal Playground:  A multilingual collection of animal-themed songs from around the world. The enhanced CD also includes an original music video for the song “No More Monkeys,” produced by Putumayo and shot on location in Trinidad featuring Trinidad-born artist Asheba. The 13 tracks on the album will guide listeners on a journey that begins in North America and ends in Africa without skipping a beat in between.

French Playground: A musical rendez-vous of fun French and French Creole songs that will delight children of all ages. French Playground reflects the rich variety of Francophone music. It features 12 songs by artists from France, the Caribbean, Africa and Quebec. Bilingual families and children learning French or English will enjoy the fact that the complete lyrics for each song are printed in both languages.

Latin Playground: A collection of upbeat songs by well-known artists from Cuba, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Uruguay and more.  Latin Playground is a wonderful way to celebrate and discover the richness and beauty of Latin American music and culture. With songs selected to appeal to a wide variety of listeners, from toddlers to grown-ups, Latin Playground is a musical fiesta for all ages that you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy.

“Robot Rodeo” by Mo Phillips:  Mo’s description of this CD? “Music for crazy people, and their parents. If Black Francis joined Wilco to make a kids album, it just might sound like this.”

Well, I do love this CD, so I just may be a parent of crazy little people…

P.S. Everything else at Milagros? 10 percent off to celebrate 10 years serving YOU!

Non-Toxic and Safe Feeding Good on Sale at Milagros Today

Posted December 17th, 2013 in Milagros News | Comments Off

We know you care about what goes into your child’s mouth and that’s not just about the food they eat. We work hard to keep our shelves at Milagros free of BPA and other nasty stuff.  We invite you to save 20 percent on the meal time items we have in stock at Milagros. Here are some of the feeding support products you will find in store:

  • Green Toys Feeding Spoons!  Made in the USA from 100% recycled plastic milk containers. Green Toys uses ultra-safe recycled plastic that has no phthalates, PVC, BPA, or external coatings.
  • Bibs by BabyBjorn! The BABYBJÖRN Soft Bib is ergonomically designed to fit your child perfectly. The neckband is a soft beaded ring and has an adjustable snap so it can grow with your child.
  • Baby Safe Mesh Feeders: A safe, fun and easy way to introduce fresh fruits, vegetables and snacks. Just place food in the mesh bag, screw tight, and hand it to baby. It’s that simple!
  • Cuppow Canning Jar Travel LidThis one is for you and your kids! The CUPPOW turns any canning jar into a travel mug!

P.S. Everything at Milagros is 10 percent off through December 24th! 

Sunday Toy Sale at Milagros!

Posted December 14th, 2013 in Milagros News | Comments Off

Day 3 of our 10 Days of Savings!

Every toy is 20 percent off at Milagros Sunday, December 15th Only. Here are just some of the toys we have in stock right now:

And there is MUCH, MUCH More! Toy deals are limited to what’s on hand. Sale is Sunday Only. 

One Day Store-Wide Savings on Cloth Diapers!

Posted December 13th, 2013 in Milagros News | Comments Off

Day 2 of our 10 Days of Savings!

It’s a Store-wide Sale on cloth diapers and cloth diapering supplies!

All regularly priced cloth diapers, covers, and wraps are 20 percent off!

Bummis, Kissaluvs, Imse Vimse, Happy Heinys, Thirsties and More! All 20 percent off!

Sale is on in-stock items only.

This One Day Deal is Saturday, December 14th only at our Portland boutique!

Don’t know what cloth diapers to buy? Please join us at 10:00 am on Saturday for Cloth Diapering 101!