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Need Peer Support For Postpartum Depression?

Posted March 24th, 2013 in Milagros News

Postpartum depression remains an ailment that is often hidden. Motherhood is not an easy experience and having distressing emotions during a time that is envisioned as full of joy and fulfillment can be very isolating and confusing for new mothers. In response, many new moms will try to ignore their anxiety out of a sense of guilt or inadequacy. However, moms who are feeling this way are far from alone.

We are lucky in Portland to have Baby Blues Connection and the peer support they provide to mothers suffering from postpartum depression.

Baby Blues Connection is a local non-profit that provides peer support and information to ensure that moms suffering from postpartum depression get the help they need to feel better. BBC provides this peer support for free over the phone and in-person via local mom-to-mom support groups.

For more information about Baby Blues Connection, visit or call their 24/7 message line at 866-616-3752 (toll free).

Milagros hosts a BBC support group every Monday, please see our events calendar for more information on how to connect with this group.

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