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Double Punch Mondays at Milagros in March!

Posted March 4th, 2012 in Milagros News

Guess what? If you have a Supportland card, you have a Milagros punch card.

And Milagros shoppers can get an exclusive Supportland reward: $20 to spend to your heart’s content at Milagros!

Want to know how to get one? Well…

Step 1 – Show us your Supportland card every time you buy any wonderful unique, local, sustainable things at Milagros (in other words, anything in the store…)

Step 2 – When you make a purchase of $25 or more, we’ll punch your Supportland card (in other words, we’ll swipe it. Don’t worry, we’re peaceful…). One painless punch a day.

Step 3 – After ten totally non-violent punches,  you get a $20 Milagros Gift Certificate!

But wait there is still more!

Shop at Milagros on Mondays in March and we will give you TWO punches instead of one!

Andrew Jackson or two Hamiltons or 1/5 of a Benjamin (i.e Twenty Bucks) to enjoy at Milagros will be yours faster than ever!

How do you get started down the path of free shopping at Milagros?

Come in and get a Supportland card! It’s free.

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