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“Mommy” Blogs + Business = ?

Posted June 30th, 2011 in Milagros News | Tags: |

Every day we receive an email or two or three from mom bloggers requesting complimentary products or direct sponsorship in exchange for coverage, reviews, praise, mentions, whatever… on their blog…

And the same thing happens on the flip side.  Many businesses try to get marketing support from mom bloggers for a pittance.

If you need more evidence that blogging by moms is now a business, consider this recent piece in Ad Age that touts the emergence of a talent agency specifically for “mommy bloggers”.

Why is a mommy blogger talent agency needed? Because, as noted in the article,  “Marketers are going beyond sponsored posts to leverage bloggers as spokespeople, using satellite media tours, blogger coverage and campaign participation (with full disclosure, of course), among other tactics.”

For example, McDonald’s recent recruitment of mom bloggers in Canada.

It seems like were firmly in the “reader beware” phase of parent blogging. At least as it relates to any product or company….

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